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Metro Africa Community Support is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to effectively help impoverished communities solve complex social problems. Collectively, with the help of our partners, it is our mission to bring about significant and lasting social change, by responding to new challenges and changing needs within communities nationwide.


We are committed to reducing and preventing as much suffering as possible.


We achieve this through our Inspired Initiatives. We believe that ‘the good health of the individual and the community as a whole are vital to the development of society’.

We are non-political and a not-for-profit organisation that provides crucial support to the most vulnerable people, regardless of race, religion, national origin or disability.


We aim to be one of the most cost- effective, transparent and successful organisations. We help to build healthier communities by getting to the heart of the problem and effectively impacting all lives. We, therefore, aim to:

DEMONSTRATE how everyone can help make a difference


PROVIDE manpower to do the work


EXIST as an organisation



EVALUATE what we do


RESEARCH new and innovative ideas


EQUIP communities to help themselves

MAINTAIN our sense of professionalism


EDUCATE to create better options


MOTIVATE people to help themselves


BUILD infrastructure


INFORM interested people


SUPPORT the most vulnerable


FUNDRAISE to meet the need


EXPAND on our initiatives


OVERCOME adversity


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